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Notice to Canada Land Surveyors - Notice 2011-1

Amendments to Digital Spatial File Specifications

I am pleased to inform you that Appendix E5 - Digital Spatial File Specifications of the General Instructions for Surveys of Canada Lands, e-Edition has been amended to streamline the requirmements for digital spatial files. This update is effective March 8, 2011.

More specifically, the following sections are affected:

  • The CCCMDIM layer is no longer required.

Section 13 (Specification for the CCCMDIM layer removed
Section 14 (Specification for the CCCMDIM layer removed)
Section 15 (Specification for the CCCMDIM layer removed)
Section 21 (Section removed)
Section 22 (Section removed)
Section 23 (Section removed)
Section 24 (Section removed)
Section 26 (Section removed)
Section 31 (Specification for the CCCMDIM layer removed)

  • The application of Chapter E5 is extended to 3D Condominium plans and Strata plans. The CCCMCONDOx layer is now required for the boundaries of all condominium units. The following sections are affected:

Section 2 (Exception for multi-sheet plans removed)
Section 21 (Specifications for the CCCMCONDOx layer added)

  • A sequential number must be used in the file name to distinguish the different digital spatial file and main monument coordinate file submitted for one project. The following sections are affected:

Section 6 (Specification for the digital spatial file name added)
Section 8 (Specification for the main monument coordinate file name added)

  • A delimiter comma can also be use for the text file of the main monuments coordinate file. Section 27 is affected.
  • The confidence level for the estimated absolute accuracy for geo-referenced surveys is specified. Section 28 is affected.

Appendix E5 - Digital Spatial File Specifications is available at:

The specimen plans of Chapter D1 - Official Surveys and Chapter D5 - Registration and land use Area Plans were updated accordingly.

Copy - original signed

Peter Sullivan
Surveyor General and Director General,
Surveyor General Branch,
Natural Resources Canada
Edmonton, Alberta

February 23, 2011